10 Best Rapping Mics – Our Top Picks

Do you think of blending emotion and energy during your rap performance? If you love recording your rap vocals, you should invest in a quality microphone that brings justice to your recordings. Rap songs involve faster vocals, and you need to capture every detail rightly. To take your performance to a different height, you should look for the best microphone for rapping vocals, as a perfect microphone is the most important gear that ensures clarity to your voice. General-purpose mics may suit the music of all genres. However, to record like a professional rapper, you need to use a specially designed microphone.

The first-time buyers can make a question―what’s the best microphone for rap vocals? We have tested different microphones and analyzed the feedback of rappers using these specific mics. We have picked the most popular microphone models for rappers.

Rode has offered a comprehensive package for those who love recording their rap vocals. A condenser mic is best for vocals and acoustic guitar users. When you are looking for condenser microphones, you can choose Rode NT1-A with a large gold-plated diaphragm and a one-inch HF6 capsule. This sound-sensitive system ensures high clarity in recording sound, and it can capture details in both thrilling and quiet performances. The frequency response of this mic is much high, ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. While having a brighter tone, NT1 has a bump in the top and upper mids. This low-noise microphone is the ideal choice for rap vocals.

Rode has created a clean design for NT1. The dark grey finish with the aluminum body is best for resisting corrosion. What’s more, the ceramic layer makes the finish scratch resistant. The outer mesh basket is highly protective, where a gold inlay denotes the source of the sound.

The SMR shock mount includes a double-Lyre suspension model, where one Lyre acts as the tensioning component to cancel vibration. NT1 is the quietest cardioid condenser equipped with premium electronics to the self-noise up to 5dBA.

Now, let us have a look at what is there is the Rode NT1A package. Nowadays, most of the condenser microphones include a shock mount, and there is nothing new about it. However, with the Rode NT1A package, there are XLR mic cables, covers, and pop filters. These kits have superb performance, and the overall package is a practical choice for musicians who need to create a home studio. The package also includes a Rode-produced DVD that gives you instructions on how to have quality recordings with the mic.

Overall, we can say that Rode has used the latest technologies to provide you with a world-class microphone.

If you’re willing to slightly raise your budget to buy the best microphone for rap recording, Neumann TLM 102 is the right choice for you. TLM 102 is one of the latest additions to Neumann microphone models. With a stable cardioid polar pattern, transformerless capacitor mic, and a big diaphragm, this microphone has a minimal design. The diaphragm capsule can endure SPL level of about 144dB. The manufacturer has placed the capsule in the elastic suspension mount for preventing vibrations.

You can use this mic with louder musical instruments, including guitar amplifiers and drums. Due to the compact design, TLM 102 MT is best for your home studio and outdoor performance. You will face no space issue in the microphone setup. Moreover, for the capsule design and the built-in pop screen, the surface noise is minimal to produce quality sound. The pop screen obscures the view of the small capsule.

Apart from the big diaphragm condenser, TLM 102 MT comes with 50-ohm impedance and a dynamic range of about 128dB. The frequency range is between 20Hz and 20kHz, and it is standard for most of the microphones for rappers.

TLM 102 is a perfect choice for producing a natural sound with a top-end, not etched, or hyped. Of course, you can choose it for your live performance. However, it works best for those who need a mic for recording. Neumann has made its TLM 102 model available in nickel and black finishes. You can find the mic with a foamlined cardboard box and an adjustable standmount. The red logo of Neumann has added aesthetics. The thread near XLR housing is adjacent to the stand adaptor for better sustenance

As one of the budding rappers or voiceover artists, you can choose this microphone for spectacular results and brilliant harmonics. A professional rap singer can choose different options (like audiobooks and podcasts) to reach his voice to the audience. TONOR Pro condenser mic is the best gear to fulfill your dream.

TONOR Pro Condenser includes an XRL cable equipped with a jack of 3.5mm to connect your PC. The premium microphone for rappers adopts the gold-plated capsule and electronic circuit control. You can find this mic with Cardioid, one of the commonly chosen pickup patterns. The noise absorbing capability of the mic is very low, and it can emulate subtle sounds.

Thanks to the Cardioid pickup pattern, the microphone curbs background noises while distinguishing the major source of the sound. You can invest in this microphone package for recording voiceover videos, audio recording, and broadcasting.

TONOR Pro provides you with quality and reliable performance in your studio. It responds best to the sound wave gradation and speed. TONOR Pro microphone package is a comprehensive choice, as it comprises, table mounting clamp, windscreen, pop filter, shock mount, sound card, suspension scissor arm sound, and a guide. However, it does not include 48V phantom power, and you need to choose it as the source of power. You must not use the microphone with tabs and mobiles. To get a high-quality sound, you have to face the source of sound onto the screened sides of your TONOR mic.

The suspension scissor arm stand, designed with quality steel, is easily adjustable. You can mount it firmly on your table by using a clamp. The windscreen pop filter with a nylon net can work against the production of plosive sounds. The gooseneck is not stiff, enabling you to twist the filter to any direction. Another notable part is the sturdy shock mount, effective for the reduction of trill, resulting from vibration.

The SM7B is one of the cardioid studio mics, designed by Shure, a reputed music equipment brand. It is the new version of SM7 with cardioid polar pattern and flat frequency response. You can choose it to record your rap songs and instruments. However, with mid-level boost controls and bass roll-off, there is a modification of a polar pattern.

The mic also remains integrated with an A7WS removable windscreen and a pop shield. It helps in reducing plosive sounds, enabling you to leverage the proximity effect from using the mic. You may speak confidently and freely without checking the closeness to the capsule. On the other hand, the windscreen helps in producing a bassier-tone. You can make the proper installation of windscreen by reading the guide of the manufacturer.

While analyzing the design, we have found that Shure SM7B is a perfectly constructed microphone with dark gray enamel steel and aluminum casing. Most of the rappers have claimed that this microphone produces a clean sound when they position themselves properly. To get a wonderful rich tone, you have to hit the sweet spot.

Shure SM7B is the best microphone for rap vocals in a perfectly controlled environment. You may pass through 3 frequency responses- presence boost, bass roll-off, and flat. Professional audio specialists may also use the microphone to minimize low-frequency hums from other instruments. Moreover, podcasters can choose this microphone for clear vocal reproduction. The off-axis rejection reduces unnecessary background noise, and crisp sound production.

Shure has also added some advanced internal hardware that ensures protection to different components. The air suspension shock system in the interior side helps in minimizing mechanical sound. That is why you will get a better result from recordings. The system also rejects sound coming from your PC. Although our brains can ignore those sounds.

The manufacturer has focused not only on the microphone but also on the bracket that provides higher stability. Use the mounting bracket to attach the mic to the desired place.

With a very low-price rate, CAD U37 is the best microphone for rap. Lots of voiceover artists have chosen it for its superb sound quality. The presence of USB connectivity has added convenience to users. As one of the amateur rappers, you can pick this mic for your purpose.

The first notable feature of this condenser mic is the pick-up cardioid pattern. It can minimize the background noise level while isolating the main sound source. The uniqueness of the model lies in its bass-reduction switch, which helps in reducing the disturbing noise. It is one of the best features to decrease low frequencies at the time of recording songs. You can keep away from wind and ventilation noise. Smooth frequency response makes the microphone the right choice for instruments, singing, and speech.

What is more, CAD U37 has a side-address design, perfect for studio recordings and radio and TV broadcasts. It also enables you to create podcasts and voiceovers for your videos.

In your U37 microphone, you can find a switch for overload-protection and reduced distortion from loud sounds. This switch is present on the top section of the microphone body. Another control is the bass-reduction switch to make the room noise tolerable. Due to this innovative system, the microphone can clear away HVAC noises. The manufacturer has also included USB cable (10 feet) and a tripod stand. There is no need to use driver software. You can plug the system into the USB port and choose it as an input. By using this desktop stand, you can set up the microphone easily. The long cable lets you move around while recording the music.

We have already reviewed condenser microphones with large diaphragms. Now, it is the reliable microphone with a small diaphragm, which has not comprised the quality. When you have a home studio, you can choose it as the best microphone for rap recording. Most of the performers have claimed that MXL 770 has won their hearts for flawless sound production. Moreover, due to the presence of FET preamp, you can find a balanced output and perfect dynamic range. You will find a superb low-end sound and bass. Vocalists will get impressed for their clear sound.

Although the diaphragm is small, the condenser mic is capable of capturing your voice spectrum. Sensitive small capacitors can pick the surrounding sound. That is why you can choose a quiet, isolated room while using this microphone. Due to the cardioid pickup, the microphone can track sound, coming from the front part of your mic. It ignores sound sources at the backside of the receiver.

To produce higher quality sound, the MXL 770 includes two controls. The bass roll-off switch helps you in blocking unwanted noise. Another notable feature of the microphone is the shock mount that prevents the vibration effect of the stand.

MXL 770 comes with XLR cable, helping you to plug the system to a PC. You need to have a USB audio interface for connecting it to the computer. You may also use a recorder and digital audio mixer with this microphone. The frequency range varies from 30Hz to about 20kHz, and it is similar to what we find in the high-end mics. The microphone is available with elegant white, blue, and black metal finishes. At 15mv/Pa, it offers high sensitivity, and it has an impedance of about 150 ohms. The high SPL capability of this mic is 137 dB.

To say briefly, MXL 770 Cardioid condenser mic is a multipurpose gear. You can use it for recording rap vocals, piano, percussion, and guitar.

Blue Spark Blackout is a pro-level USB-connected mic for superb rap recording quality. This impressive mic does not have several settings on its body. There are mainly two switches, a 20dB pad, and a 100Hz high pass filter. This pad helps in maintaining clarity of your voice in a noisy environment. On the other hand, the high-pass filter minimizes humming noises coming from desktops. The overall design of this microphone is amazing.

As Blue Spark Blackout has an integrated XLR connector, it is designed for professional use. The standard fitting is useful for your pro audio interfaces. There is a USB converter with a preamp, helping you to make a direct connection between your computer and mic. Due to the availability of 48V phantom power, it is easy to link premium-quality studio condenser microphones.

With Blue Spark Blackout, you will have defined audio, and it gives much importance to your natural voice. We have chosen this mic, especially as the best microphone for rapping vocals. However, it will never disappoint you while you are using it for gamecasting, podcasting, and radio presenting.

The major part, responsible sound production, is the custom JFET design, ensuring a consistently charged backplate of the capsule. You will enjoy a transparent and detailed sound. Another notable thing about this microphone is the Class-A circuitry that keeps up pure signals. The pristine sound will help you to engage the audience.
While checking other technical details, you can find an SPL level of 136dB and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, and cardioid polar pattern.

The reputed brand, Blue, has designed this microphone only for vocalists. You can avoid the mic to record instruments. The microphone produces a rich and clear sound.

The AKG C414 XLII has retained the classic model, found in its predecessors. The compact microphone has a box-shaped design with an attractive gold grille and a solid base. While it is flashy in look, it has attracted users with performance and functionality. The front panel has a pickup pattern that lets you choose a switch. You need to click on a button to switch between different polar patterns. There are both hybrid and primary patterns with this microphone. Below the switch, you can find the LED light strip, helping you to choose the pattern and identifying the peak overloads. While there is a slight distortion, this LED becomes red. It is mostly useful for recording guitar amps and drums.

The omnidirectional pattern is best for tracking your moving sounds, while a wide-cardioid pattern captures wider sources of sound (choir and live band). Cardioid pattern works perfectly for recording your vocals, whereas hypercardioid one is the right choice for tighter sound sources. For your mid-side recording, you can blend cardioid with figure-8 pattern.

The C414 includes another feature, lock mode, and it helps in preventing accidental switches. By pressing an arrow for a few seconds, you can activate and deactivate this mode.
Another notable thing about this microphone is pre-attenuation settings. You can adjust these settings based on the loudness intensity of a recording source. With a clipping indication system, you may make out the signal distortion.

The opportunity of switching between patterns is the best thing about the C414. However, this microphone is a distinctive choice for its sound quality. With polished sound, C414 offers you treble frequencies. To record the sound of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, and vocals, you can invest in this model.

The package includes a range of accessories, a sturdy aluminum case, a stand mount, a shock mount, and a foam windscreen.

CO-Z Pro BM800, as one of the reliable microphones for rap recordings, ensures an accurate and detailed sound reproduction. You may also choose it as the best gear for your professional standard radio broadcasting studios, live performances, recording studios, and voiceover studios. However, make sure that you have 48v phantom as the source of power for this microphone.

CO-Z has offered a comprehensive package with different microphone kits, including anti-wind foam cover, power cord, shock mount, windscreen pop filter, and scissor arm stand. Free pop filter and shock mount are useful for alleviating noise and ensuring stability at the time of producing sound.

One of the major parts for perfect sound reproduction is the audio processing circuitry. Moreover, the response frequency is very smooth, providing you with higher vocal intelligibility. This microphone comes with a cardioid pickup pattern to reduce the background noise issue. The manufacturer has used the most innovative noise reduction technology. During your podcasting and recording session, you can avoid the slightest noise from surroundings and electric devices. The recording mic is designed to work with any device, including PC, laptop, and mobile.
To start your recording process, you have to plug your microphone in your electronics. The easy-to-use system has made the mic the best choice for beginners.

You will enjoy authentic and natural sound while recording your rap songs. The frequency response of the microphone ranges from 20Hz to 16kHz, while the output impedance can be 150Ω at 1kHz. The length of the cable, included in the package, is 98 2/5″.

AT2020 is the right microphone for those who are looking for a no-frills model. The Japanese brand has paid attention to every acoustic detail to this entry-level microphone. While used for recording your rap songs, you can find the mic, reproducing subtlest changes in your voices.

Looking at the design, you will feel that AT2020 is a sturdier model, ensuring your comfort and minimal risk. AT2020 is not bulky in shape, as it weighs about 1.5 lbs. Due to the metal build and metal grill, this microphone has a rugged design. The package includes a detachable stand mount for secure placement of your microphone on the desired site.

Like any other condenser microphone, Audio-Technica 2020 has a cardioid polar pattern with sensitivity to the source of sound near the microphone. For your home studio, this mic works best. The side-address diaphragm makes sure that it prevents off-axis sound. Moreover, the frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz.
Another important thing is the Sound Pressure Level, indicating the loudness level of the sound. For this microphone, the SPL level is 144 dB (1 kHz at 1% T.H.D). The transient response is superb due to the low-mass diaphragm design.

We have analyzed every feature of the microphone for rappers. You need to use a stand mount to maintain its static positions. The head position of the mic has durable wire mesh, protecting it from damages. However, the mesh never substitutes a pop filter that reduces unnecessary sound.

Best mic for rap vocals

Buying Guide: Best microphone for rap vocals

Choosing the best microphone for rapping vocals can make a difference in your performance. However, to buy the right microphone, you have to identify your purpose. Do you think of using the mic during your performance? Is the mic essential to record your song? These factors may affect your ultimate decision.
To present you with a microphone buying guide, we have to talk about two types of mics- dynamic and condenser.

Dynamic microphones

When you are buying the mic to perform in front of the audience, you can choose a dynamic microphone. This mic is not the right option for recording your rap songs. Most of the dynamic mics have robust structures to manage aggressiveness. Whatever be the diaphragm size, these mics produce a warmer sound. The SPL-handling capability of a dynamic microphone is high. To get these benefits, you can purchase dynamic microphones.

Condenser microphones

These microphones have sensitive capsules that ensure crispness and clarity in the sound. However, their designs are less studier than that of the dynamic ones. You must use them carefully. But, while recording your rap, condenser microphones can be the best option. Their transparency and capabilities of picking minute details are advantageous to you.

Condenser microphones are of different types:

Condenser mic with large diaphragms

The professional recording mics have diaphragms, ranging from ¾th to 1 inch in diameter. These large diaphragm microphones are sensitive. Moreover, they need a different source of power and suspension mounting system, isolating the microphones from vibrations. However, as these larger models need a suspension system, they are not the perfect choice for drum kits for space constraints. You can surely choose them to record your rap songs and other vocals. Buy microphones with large diaphragms to equip your studio with the right gear.

Dual-diaphragm condensers

The microphones have different configurations, and there two diaphragms, contrary to each other. These microphone designs are the best choice for capturing songs for bigger groups and duets. They are also effective to manage your room ambiance. The condenser mic with a dual-diaphragm ensures a proper balance of two sound sources at a time.

Side-address microphones

It is another category of a condenser microphone with a flat windscreen, present on the diaphragm. The microphone needs a horizontal positioning, and it remains slightly inclined to an angle of 90 degrees.

Small-Diaphragm microphones

The diameter of the diaphragm can be less than half an inch. A small-diaphragm mic is useful for recording purposes and live performances. This microphone is capable of reproducing sounds of higher frequencies. When sound comes from a variety of sources and has different levels, you may choose this mic. You have to use phantom power and batteries to deal with this microphone.

Tube condenser mics

They are classic models intended for conventional-style recording. You can install them in your broadcast studios. They produce a decent sound like that of a tube guitar. The sound of your instrument becomes more pleasing with these microphones. However, you must have a consistent power supply to use these mics.
USB microphones

The tech-savvy users looking for a way for recording their songs with computer-based systems. When you think of capturing your rap songs with your computer soundcard, there are lots of choices, including digital mixing boards and audio workstations. However, the easiest one for you is the USB-powered microphone, offering a plug-and-play system. These are affordable mics with convenient systems for beginners. For your first-time rap recording and podcasting, you may choose the best USB microphone. Most of these modern microphones work with Android and iOS apps.


Other factors relevant to a microphone buyer

Sound Pressure Level and sensitivity

The SPL is a unit used for measuring the highest level of noise, managed by a mic without distortions. It is one of the most relevant factors while buying the best microphone for rapping vocals. Most of the raps need aggressive shouting in front of the microphone.
The standard microphones have SPL of about 140dB. However, the costlier ones may have a higher SPL of almost higher 150dB.
You must also check out the sensitivity that indicates how much quiet sound is detectable by the microphone. It is measurable in different ways. The lower number indicates a higher sensitivity of a microphone.

Frequency Response

You must not overlook the frequency response, as it indicates the frequency levels, ranging from high to low ones. Hertz is the measurement unit for this frequency response. For vocals, it is best to find a microphone with a frequency response ranging between 80 Hz and 15 kHz. The proper frequency graph will produce crisp and bright vocals.

Proximity Effect

Let us make you familiar with the term, proximity effect. Although you may not always find it in the technical description of a microphone, it is a valuable factor to you. The proximity effect results in a highly pronounced bass frequency while your sound is more intimate to the microphone. As one of the recording professionals, you may choose a mic, having a stronger proximity effect. The effect is higher in condenser microphones, compared to dynamic microphones.

Bass attenuation and roll-off switches

Lots of condenser microphones have these switches to add versatility to the model. The roll-off control helps in controlling the range of frequency on the low end. You can reduce the response to a definite level. Moreover, this switch is applicable during your live performance, as you can minimize low-end rumble. When you have rolled off the bass, you will have control of the PA power amp. Moreover, the rolled-off bass increases the level of clarity. Another important thing is the attenuation switch to adjust the volume and sensitivity level. The padding solution also prevents the high-volume source from overloading your microphone.

Response curves

You know that the frequency response informs you about the standard range, reproduced by the microphone. However, it is essential to know how the system functions at a varying level of frequencies. The frequency responsiveness, represented in a shape, known as the response curve. In the beginning, it may be zero, and while graphed, it makes the shape of a curve. You can find dips and peaks in the curve. For instance, a microphone, designed for vocals, as an increased upper midrange. You will enjoy smoother voice reproduction.

Polar patterns

The pattern indicates the shape of the sensitivity field of your microphone. In other words, it denotes the route of acceptance and ignoring of incoming sounds. Some microphones are omnidirectional, responding to sounds from different directions. There is also Figure-8 microphone, known as a bi-directional model, to accept sound from west and east. It overlooks sounds from south and north directions. Another one is the unidirectional microphone, hearing sound from only one direction. Most of the microphones are unidirectional with three types of polar patterns- supercardioid, cardioid, and hypercardioid. These patterns discard off-axis and rear-axis sounds from the sides and back portion of your microphone.

The cardioid ones have a heart-shaped pattern with high sound sensitivity. However, when the sound is from the opposite of the target direction, it rejects that sound.

The supercardioid microphone receives the minimal sound coming from its 180-degree zone. Similarly, the hypercardioid pattern accepts 180-degree sound sources, while rejecting sound from 90 degrees.
Thus, you need to know about these polar patterns to check the performance of your mic in a noisy environment.
Microphones working best with different instruments

While singing a rap, you need to use a range of instruments. Modern microphones have customized designs to make them the perfect choice for recording the sounds of kick drums, cymbals, and toms. Lightweight and small microphones are designed for producing the sound of stringed instruments and woodwind.


What does a microphone package include?

Some brands offer different kits in their microphone packages. As one of the enthusiastic musicians, you may try to get the utmost value from your investment. To ensure the best performance of microphones, additional kits in the package are useful. The most useful accessories in your microphone package are

  • Windscreens
  • Shock mounts
  • Pop filters
  • Cables
  • Mic stands and mounts for installation

Let us say something about windscreens and pop filters.


The specially designed windscreen helps in blocking winds from striking your mic and causing noise. Thus, the windscreen works as a shield for the device to avoid the risk of disruptive noise. While you are going to arrange a live performance at an outdoor site, you can look for a microphone package with windscreen. With the presence of a windscreen, your mic can record ambient sound with minimal distractions. For instance, for a live performance near sea beach, you need to keep away from the sound of sea waves and wind. In that case, the mic screen is the most useful thing for you.

These windscreens fully cover the microphone, and they are available in three types.
A foam cover works as a windscreen, designed with polyurethane. The foam density can affect the wind-blocking efficiency. Windjammers are synthetic fur covers intended for covering condenser mics while recording music outdoors. The third one is the blimp, made of some mesh materials and a thinner foam. It covers the mic to create a chamber-like design.

Pop filters

Pop filters are useful for your indoor rap recording. These are smaller components and do not cover the microphone. You have to place them in a way that there must be a gap between you and the mic’s capturing side. The pop filter has a metal mesh for a high transparency level. It helps in reducing plosives and popping sounds while singing a rap. Pop filters are of varying shapes, including curved rectangle and circular ones. There is no difference in their functionalities. When you are podcasting and singing a song, you need pop filters in your mic.

Now, you have found a solution to your question- What’s the best microphone for rap vocals? We have analyzed every feature of microphones from popular brands. The best mic produces clear sound due to its innovative technologies and high sound-capturing capabilities. It enables you to reject the surrounding noise and prevent distortions. Microphone quality and design can affect your affects recording standard. Thankfully, microphone manufacturers have integrated premium features at an affordable price rate.